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The Milouot Corporation is an economic system that manages companies and factories in the Western Galilee region. It was founded in 1960 as the industrial branch of the purchasing organization “Mishkei Hamifratz” that was founded in 1948. The basic idea was to build factories that would market the agricultural produce of the region collectively. Kibbutz members in Western Galilee, whose main occupation was various agricultural fields, understood that only together would they succeed and grow. That is how an economic, social, cooperative organization was founded that gives updated solutions to the changing needs of the agricultural farms in the area.
The owners of Milouot are 23 kibbutzim and 2 collective moshavim in Western Galilee.

Mishkei Hamifratz, a purchasing organization, is a financial organization owned by 24 kibbutzim and 2 collective moshavim in Western Galilee and the Zvulun Valley. It was founded in March 1948. In 1960 the purchasing organization established the Milouot Corporation initiated by its owners, the kibbutzim and moshavim.
The system deals with the collective purchase that has the advantage of size and gives financial services to its owners and the Milouot factories.

The Vision of the Corporation: As a private holding company Milouot operates according to the principles of a public company while maintaining its distinctive identity as a cooperative. The objective of the corporation is a long-term increase in the value of its holdings. 
The justification for any undertaking is considered on the basis of relative business advantages in order to provide a return to the owners’ investments as well as financial and commercial services to its customers over time at an acceptable level of risk.
Milhouot fosters the business connections with its owners, adapts to changes in the agricultural environment in the area and will enter new ventures according to the needs and the resulting business opportunities.

The Core of the Business: Within the framework of its function of maintaining and developing a profitable agriculture, Milouot deals with: 
The development, processing and marketing of agricultural produce, mainly food, from the Western Galilee area.
The provision of services and input to agricultural farms as well as the development of platforms and joint ventures in the area, with complete control of the chain value.
The management and development of industrial areas they own.

Milouot and its Factories expand over 330 dunam (81.5 acres) in three industrial areas in Western Galilee.

Sales Turnover: about 2 billion NIS annually.

The Workers: The 1200 workers in Milouot and its factories come mainly from the Galilee area, from all sectors: men and women, Jews and Arabs, Druze and Circassians who all work together at all levels and in all positions.
Shuki Bashan - Coo
Chief Operating Officer
Daphna Sokol Human Resources Manager
Yehuda Bahar Chairman
Dana Shlezinger – Manager of Mishkei Hamifrtz
Alon Ariel - CEO
Chief Executive Officer 
Milouot Managers: 
Rami Raz - Corporate Secretary
Tzur Shamir
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