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חברה לפיתוח משקי מפרץ חיפה בע"מ
Haifa Bay Settlements Ltd
MILOUBAR FEED CENTERS, LTD. | One of the leading companies in Israel in the field of specialized animal feeds. Yearly production of about 600,000 tons, for annual sales of about 850 million NIS. The company employs 65 people. Its products carry ISO 9001 standards certification.
In cooperation with Kfar Macabbee, Mibubar operates 4 feed distribution centers, which provide feedlots and cattle farms with feed mixes for 5.5 million portions each year.

MILOUOT | Holdings and Assets | Administers the real estate holdings of the Milouot consortium and provides operational advising to the conglomerate’s subsidiaries and partner companies. Annual sales: 14 million NIS.
Poultry growing, processing and marketing of poultry products | The company has 3 divisions. Poultry Raising - 55,000 tons yearly on 43 farms, with 9 hatcheries and 4 breeder farms. Slaughtering and Processing: a state-of the-art HACCAP slaughterhouse and a ISO 9001–certified processing plant producing a wide range of high-quality turkey and chicken products. Marketing and Sales: record-holders in local marketing, with export sales in
Europe and other nations. Annual sales: about 600 million NIS.
MILOPRI - MILOUOT CROP. |P. house for avocado citrus and other fruits | Handling 30,000 tons of fruit each season, it is one of the largest such operations in the country. About 70% of the produce is exported to Europe and around the world. Yearly sales are about 130 million NIS. Products are compliant with ISO 9001:2000, TESCO, M&S.GLOBALGAP, and B.R.C., making it the highest-rated processor in the region. It also provides
a range of services to the Avocado Growers’ Association.
Miloupri Export and Marketing Agricultural Cooperative, Ltd.
Established in 2011 by fruit growers, the Miloupri Export and Marketing Agricultural Cooperative is situated in Western Galilee, along the Mediterranean coast of northern Israel. Although such a new company, farmers within the region have a history of over fifty years, working under the auspices of the Milouot agricultural/industrial cooperative.
Over the years, the fruit growers in Galilee worked with various marketing companies and operations to market their produce. In light of the substantial changes in agricultural exports from Israel that took place in 2011, the Milouot growers decided to establish their own export company to market their fresh agricultural produce and the produce of other farmers. This type of grower's organization being consistent with the global trend of producers of agricultural produce forming direct commercial connections with the world markets.
What makes Miloupri unique is that it is a company owned by growers, not just another privately owned marketing services provider with no linkage or knowledge of agriculture. Many growers in Israel consider this an advantage and have therefore chosen to market their produce through the company. This has attracted more growers to join the company thereby expanding the range of produce to include peppers, dates, pomegranates and other products as well.
The growers own one of the biggest packing houses in Israel for avocados, citrus, litchis and other fruit, handling approximately 30,000 tons of fruit with avocados accounting for 20,000 tons
The Export Company and packing house hold the mandatory quality standards certifications such as ISO 9001:2008, BRC, Organic and Globalgap and comply with the standards required in the various markets throughout Europe and worldwide.
Miloupri has attracted and recruited managers and sales marketing personnel of the highest level, all with many years experience in both marketing and selling fresh agricultural produce, dealing with export markets in Europe, Russia, Japan, the United States and other countries.
גליל שוק מקומי  שיווק פירות וירקות מהגליל.
meters of bananas are in cultivation under shelter of net-houses, producing 30,000 tons per year for the local market, for a yearly income of 60 million
NIS. The group has it's own R +D (mop) and professional advisors.
MILOUKOR | Refrigerated and Frozen Storage | Miloukor provides refrigeration and frozen storage services including round-the-clock computerized temperature control, inventory management and stock handling. It has 28 refrigerated storerooms, a total of 4,000 sq. meters, enough capacity
for 7,000 tons of refrigerated or frozen goods. ISO 9002 certified.
דשן הצפון -  ייצור ושיווק דשן
TADIAD | Computer Services & Computer Systems Administration | Tadiad is a leader in computer programming, offering software and hardware solutions for the administration and maintenance of management information systems. Tadiad’s staff numbers over 200 employees. Annual sales: approximately 40 million NIS.
It employs fifteen people, and the forecast sales turnover for the first year of operation will be approximately $70 million with all products marketed under the ‘Galilee Export’ brand label.
MAAGAREY ASHER | Cooperative agricultural water association ltd. | The association is owned jointly by Metah Asher and Milouot. This association was established in 2002 in order to provide purified sewage water for agricultural usage in the western Galilee. The association has reservoirs, transfer lines, and pumping stations that are designed to provide more than 20 million metric cubes of purified sewage water per year.
YETZIR KAPAYIM | Generating Production Systems | Company is owned by Milouot Agricultural Cooperative in Israel and was established in 2007. The company specializes in generating and maintaining expert professional agricultural industrial production lines. The company employs 500 people.
MILOUOT | Management and Infrastructure |Milouot supplies its member companies with all infrastructure services: electricity, water, communications, vehicles, building maintenance and construction, personnel, and catering, as well as coordinating insurance and community involvement. Milouot administrates the activities of approximately 20 million NIS.

Milouot Corporation

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